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For several years now D.W. Marshall & Co.Ltd has been at the forefront of commercial vehicle body kit design. The patented Streamlink system combines alloy, GRP and curtain sided bodies into one basic concept. In addition, DWM has developed the first commercially available alloy curtain sided kit in the UK. DWM utilises a 3D AUTOCAD/SOLIDWORKS suite in the design and development of the product range.

DWM has been supplying aluminium to industry since 1979. The company has specialised in supplying the transport, architectural and engineering industries and carries large stocks of specialist sections and sheets to cover these various needs. In addition, DWM now holds steel and galvanised sections, wooden flooring and commercial vehicle body fittings.

DWM is committed to producing products to a high quality and operates the BS EN 9001 quality system to ensure this. The quality management systems cover both stockholding and manufacturing ensuring the traceability of all products and guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Key plant includes a state of the art, Edward Pearson CNC 225 tonne brake press which, in addition to our steel and aluminium expertise, enables DWM the ability to manufacture quickly and in large volumes. As well as having specialist knowledge of the transport and architectural industries, the company is also flexible enough to consider supplying parts or products to all sectors.



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